Steam Mods, Restorations and Repairs

This is a collection of things I have done and discoveries that I have made while working on my toy steam engines. Parts and for that matter complete engines are not that readily available so one has to improvise quite often. I have included a glossary of common terms associated with toy steam engines.

I have included links to several Project Gutenburg books, though many were published over 100 years ago they still contain a lot of great information for anyone interested in steam engines.

Modifications, Restorations and Repairs

Mamod Locomotive

- Putting an altered SL-1 back together.

Mamod TE1 Modification

- Mamod tractor modification, drive geared down, steering and governor added.

Case TE

Mamod to Case TE Modification

- Details of how a Mamod TE was modified to Case TE style.

phoenix thmb

Wilesco TE Modification

- Wilesco burned out roller modded to TE.

Whistle Handle

- Turning a replacement handle for a Weeden whistle.

Running On Air

- How to run a steam engine on air.

wheel thumb

Mamod Wheel in Wilesco Rim

- Modifing a Wilesco tractor wheel using a Mamod wheel as hub.


Mamod TE Spur Gear Differential

- Building a spur gear differential for a modified Mamod TE1

Shop and Tool Info

Selecting a Lathe
Parts of a Lathe
Lathe Tooling
Tuning a Lathe

- What you need to know about purchasing and maintaining a lathe.

Threads 101

- Discussses the types of threads you will encounter working on toy steam engines.

Sheet Metal 101

- Covers the types of sheet metals you will find working on toy steam engines.

Quick Projects & Tips

curved spoke flywheel

Curved spoke flywheel

- Instructions to draw a 3 1/2" diameter wheel with curved spokes.


Chuff Pot

- Container to collect exhaust waste from model steam engine made from Weeden boiler.

Grounded Power Cord

- Two methods of making grounded power cords.

Making Gaskets

- How to make a die to punch gaskets and washers.

Mamod Tractor Hubcap Removal

- How to remove hubcaps on TE1 and TE1a's.

Rolling Road

- Rolling road made from skateboard axle assemblies.

Thread Gauge

- Handy gauge to identify threads.

Weeden 14 Burner

- Burner made from rectangular tubing.

Jensen 75 Burner

- Burner made from sink tail piece.


Shortening Machine Screws

- How to shorten machine screws so they are not damaged and are easy to start in the thread.

Meccano Projects & Info

gear thumb

Meccano Gears 101

- Working with Meccano gears, what fits what, etc.

Pile Driver

- Pile driver powerd by Meccano MEC1 steam engine.

dune buggy thumb
Meccano MEC1 Dune Buggy

- Dune Buggy built around Meccano MEC1 steam engine.

Interesting Links

Atlas 618 Lathe Projects



Free Ebooks from Project Gutenburg

A History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine by Robert H. Thurston

Farm Engines and How to Run Them by James H. Stephenson

Steam Engines by Anonymous

Steam Shovels and Steam Shovel Work by E. A. Hermann

The Steam Engine Explained and Illustrated (Seventh Edition) by Dionysius Lardner