Mamod Wheel in Wilesco Rim

I have never been fond of the stock Wilesco tractor wheels, I much prefer the looks of the Mamod wheels with the realistic cast spokes, this is how I modify rear Wilesco rims using Mamod wheels.

Wilesco- Mamod complete wheel

I prefer to use the Wilesco roller rims, they are a bit wider that the tractor rims and seem more fitting for American type farm steam engines such as those made by Case.

wheel shims

Once the original hubs are knocked out the Mamod wheel is inserted and shimmed in three spots to center it.

Axle in lathe

A momod axle is chucked in the lathe so the rim can be aligned on the new hub.

chucked wheel

The wheel is slid on to the axle and three pieces of wood are cut to act as spacers to align the rim on the axle, the width of the spacers will depend on which rims you are using, the narrower tractor rims will require wider spacers. Three holes are drilled by rotating the wheel and lining the positions up with the chuck jaws. The first holes are sized for the tap to thread the mamod wheel rim. The holes in the Wilesco rim are then enlarged and countersunk to fit the flat head screws, while still in position the Mamod rims are threaded. Care must be taken in this step to insure that the holes are drilled into the outer edge of the Mamod rims, not onto the center rib.

wheel with washer

Washers are slid into place and the screws inserted, the temporary shims can now be removed. The wheels can now be bushed to fit the original Wilesco axle, I find 1/4" ID copper pipe works well for this.