Mamod To Case Modification

I am too young to have actually seen Case steam engines actually do any work but I have memories of them rumbling past in local parades and been to threshing demonstrations with them in action.

What I started With

Mamod TE

This is the Mamod TE that I started with, it was a bit worse for wear so don't feel that guilty.

Case model steamer
Case Steamer Model

I am now at this stage, it is mechanically complete, just needs some details added.

The Begining

case boiler

The gears are Meccano, a pinion gear on the crankshaft drives the larger gear mounted in the moveable arm. A lever swings the arm back to engage a second gear on a counter shaft that in turn drives the spur gear differential on the opposite side.

The steering mechanism is a guitar tuning peg, welded to a mounting bracket. A 1/4" ID brass tube fits perfectly over the peg.

The smoke box is one I had, not sure what it originally belonged to but with the short smoke stack I was able to turn it in my 6" lathe so I could add the extension to give it that traditional Case look.

The Drive Sprocket

drive sprocket

The drive sprocket is actually a spur gear differential, I have a breakdown of it here.

The cylinder is double acting from a Mamod loco, the exhaust goes to a fake heating tube and then into the open section of the boiler tube.

The Front End

Case front end

The stock axle was replaced with a longer one to give the front wheels a wider stance. The smoke box cover is one I picked up online, I filed the fake rivets off and mounted it to end of boiler with hex head bolts. Old Abe started life as a hat pin.

Top View

top view

The older style brass Mamod whistle was leaking so was replaced with a newer lever style, the governor flyballs are from a Weeden engine.

Fuel Bunkers

Fuel Bunker

The fuel bunkers started out as small tins I found at the dollar store, bit of body work and they bolted to back of skuttle.

steam engine patent

Vintage Patent Drawing Prints

Traction Engines

Steam Rollers

And More!

10 X 13 prints on Parchment Paper

Vintage Internet Patent Reproductions



Taps & Dies for Weeden

Blanking Plugs for Weeden

Weeden Air Hose Adapter