Mamod TE1 Modification

Mamod tractors are well built, reliable and practically indestructable, they just go too fast. The gearing with the stock belt drive is about a 10:1 reduction, with this gearing I have slowed it down to about 20:1 making the speed seem a little more realistic, and it gives a bit more pulling power as well.

The Gearing

The gears are Meccano, a bored out and narrowed #25 pinion on the crankshaft, a #26 with the hub cut off and soldered to the shaft acting as an idler gear driving a #27a gear on the first counter shaft.

The first counter shaft has a #96a sprocket driving a #95a sprocket on the second counter shaft. A second #96a sprocket drives a 95b sprocket that is bored out to fit the main axle.

The small idler gear soldered to the shaft serves two purposes, it allows the first counter shaft to rotate in the same direction as the crankshaft and it also is designed to act as a clutch. The gear on the crankshaft was narrowed so the idler gear could disengage from it yet stay in mesh with the larger gear.

The clutch lever has a pin in the end of it that rides in the slotted collar on the idler shaft. The bracket for the pivot was made from a later style whistle, the lever is bolted to it with an o-ring between them that puts enough tension on it to keep it from moving. The shape of the lever was altered later to make room for the steering wheel.

An extension was attached to the whistle base to raise the TE1 whistle about 1/2" to clear the idler and counter shafts.

The large sprocket is loose on the axle, the wheel is driven by a long meccano bolt that engages in the wheel spokes.

The stock axle had to be replaced with a longer one to account for the width of the large gear and a spacer on the other side which gives the tractor a much wider stance.

Further Modifications

Made a larger 3/8" bore cylinder to give a bit more pulling power. Photo shows original sitting on top for comparison.

Video Of Clutch Mechanism

Video Of Tractor Running on Patio

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