Chuff Pot

Chuff pots are containers to collect the steam, water and oil exhausted by a model steam engine, the name comes from the chuffing sound it makes. This particular one was made from a model No. 500 Weeden boiler.

This boiler came with a lot of Weeden parts, the engine and base of the firebox were missing but the brass top was still intact even with the original sightglass.

The rivet holding the smokestack mounting stub was drilled out, then the stub was soldered to the top of the boiler, a 3/8" exhaust hole was then drilled through the stub and boiler top. A nipple was soldered into the original hole in the boiler for the steam line to attach a hose from the engine exhaust.

Video of Chuff Pot Connected to Jensen 75


Blanking Plugs for Weeden