Making a Whistle Handle

The wooden handles are often missing on whistles, this is how I made a new one for a Weeden.

Start by putting guide marks on a length of 1/4" diameter hardwood dowel.

The mark on the right 1/8" from the end is to determine the depth of the center bore.

Set calipers to 1 1/8" and measuring from 1/8" mark make cut off mark.

Cut dowel at the mark, this extra length allows you to chuck the dowel.

Chuck dowel in lathe, with extra stub facing out.

Place 1/16" drill bit in tailstock chuck and with calipers set it to protrude 1 1/8".

Drill the center of the dowel the full length of the drill bit.

The 1/16" hole fits on most Weeden whistles, size of stub may vary on some whistles.

Wrap a strip of 60 grit sandpaper around a wooden strip.
Reverse the dowel in the lathe chuck so about 3/8" of the dowel is being held.

Using the marks as a guide rough out shape with the coarse sandpaper running lathe at high speed.

Smooth dowel with 120 grit sandpaper, then using a triangular file finish conturing shape of handle.

Slow lathe down and cut handle off stub with hacksaw.

Finished handle can held for dipping in a can of paint or for spraying by inserting a length of wire into center hole. You may have to kink end of wire slightly for a better grip in the hole.

Attach painted handle to whistle with a drop of super glue.