Jensen 75 Burner

I don't like using solid fuel tablets so I decided that when I got my Jensen 75 I would use an alcohol burner, unfortunately I did not have one that would easily work in the stock firebox.

The tank is a 2 5/8" length of a sink drain tail piece that I soldered end pieces to. The burner is a 1/2" OD length of brass tubing 4 1/2" long with a 1/4" wide slot 3" long cut into it. Before cutting the slot I threaded the inside of the end of the tube to fit a brass plug to block the end but be removable to change the wick. I reinforced the end of the tube with a band of sheet brass, the band next to the tank covers the end of the slot because I actually cut the slot too long, next time it will not be necessary.

I soldered a bushing in the top of the tank for a blanking plug that I drilled a 1/16" vent hole in.

Not having a 1/2" diameter wick I used two lengths of 1/4" diameter, as the wick is twisted into the tube it tends to become quite tight, I found that it can be loosened up by pushing it through the slot wit a small screw driver.

Making the Tank

To make the ends of the tank I traced around the circumference on flat brass stock, cut them out with tin snips slightly larger than the diameter of the tank, I held the tank and one end together in the vice and started soldering pausing to rotate it as I went along. At this stage they are not pretty, the ends are oversize and there is a bead if solder around the tank. When it cools it is just a matter of filling the ends even with the body of the tank, this removes the excess solder as well, then taking it to the buffing wheel and polishing it up.

This tank is 2 5/8" long, it was just a number I picked, after using it I think I could have actually made it a bit longer, perhaps 3" which would bring it out even with the sides of the firebox. I am usually conservative when it comes to the capacity of burner tanks, I would rather run out of alcohol before I run out of water in the boiler.



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